Weekly Payout - About
Weekly Payout - About

About Weekly Payout

We’re Here to Help

We started Weekly Payout out of frustration with unscrupulous brokers, unrealistic performance targets, non-performing leads, and unpaid invoices.

As a contact center, we understand that business challenges are magnified in the independent call center. You have a lot of work to do: pay salary and rent, manage employees and infrastructure, market your business, and close deals.

It’s Simple: You Dial, the Client Pays

We connect call centers and BPO’s with proven programs managed by businesses who honor their contracts. We are dedicated to the Philippines Independent BPO industry because we are the Philippines Independent BPO industry.

Every program we represent must supply call center references, confirm weekly payment, and qualify as a fully supported campaign.

Weekly Payout consolidates quality programs for contact centers and BPOs so you can concentrate on management.

Yes, I want to earn reliable,
weekly payments with quality BPO campaigns
to start making money every week.