Weekly Payout - Campaigns
Weekly Payout - Campaigns

Programs that Pay

Review Procedures

Think getting hired is tough? We turn the table and put prospective clients through the wringer to make sure every program is good for the call center. Here’s what we do:

1. Reference Check
We check references with two centers to verify payment history, support approach, and equitable quality guidelines.

2. Verify Performance
Ever notice that clients will promote the most optimistic SPD/SPH to seek you on their campaign? When we check with reference centers, we make sure the performance targets are achievable.

3. Review Contract
We know you read your contracts carefully, but why waste your time on contracts that aren’t fair to the center. Before you read the contract, we’ve checked from the call center perspective.

4. Confirm Active, Consistent Support
We make sure all programs include training, leads, and frequent coaching. That way you benefit from the client’s program experience.

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